Golden Visa Spain 2021

golden visa spain Moraira 2021

Access another great lifestyle, a lifelong EU Golden Visa for you and your family and a substantial return on your investment

We are proud to offer this service and opportunity to citizens of the Arabian Peninsula

With a minimum investment of € 500.000 in property in Spain you can obtain a Golden Visa for Spain, and the whole European Union, for you and your family.

Excellent lifestyle, access and opportunities in europe, solid investment


Key Advantages:

# Golden Visa for you and your family. This means yourself, spouse and children can travel, work, study and live in the EU. Additional opportunities for you and your loved ones

# an excellent investment opportunity. Luxurious properties are temporarily being offered at discounted prices in 2021 while over the years they are a guarantee for an increase in value. See our dedicated price and investment report

Buy a villa in Spain
great increase in value over time, now additional investment opportunities due to the pandemic









# yearly rental revenues to cover cost of ownership and an excellent source of cash flow

# after 5 years you can sell and capitalize your investment if you wish AND keep possession the Golden Visa

# Mirador de Moraira offers you access to an exclusive selection of property opportunities or we will actively find and access property based on your wishes and demands

# opportunities in the best areas such as Moraira, Marbella, Barcelona and Valencia

# over 15 years of experience in luxury real estate

# You will be fully guided and supported by Arabic executives on the Arabian Peninsula as well as in Spain


We offer a range of opportunities from luxurious apartments to country estates and first line beach villas


Contact us for a personal intake to discuss your wishes.


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    Access another great lifestyle in combination with an investment opportunity

    Mirador de Moraira offers this unique service to citizens of the Arabian peninsula

    Inform us below about your wishes and our dedicated staff will contact you shortly, free of any obligation